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Got a new puppy? Your journey as a pet owner starts here, and this is the time to take some serious decisions. First things first, get your pooch to the vet, who will offer the necessary suggestions on medications, vaccinations, diet, and grooming. Next, you need to check for the required supplies. Besides puppy food and a pooper scooper, you also need a good shampoo. If you check the market, you will find endless options, including some of the known names like Malaseb Shampoo By Bayer Healthcare. However, when it comes to caring for puppies, things are a little different.

Can I bath my puppy?

If your puppy is still with the mother, you don’t need to bother about cleaning him. In most cases, bathing is not needed until the puppy is around six to eight weeks. Even at this age, you will just need a few wet pet wipes. Pet wipes are handy and can be used on most breeds. As the pup starts to grow, you must buy a shampoo. NEVER use a human shampoo on your pet. Dogs have highly alkaline skin, which is extremely sensitive, and puppies have even tender skin. Talk to your vet if it is the right time to bath your dog.

Deciding between shampoos

As stated, puppies have sensitive and tender skin. You need a shampoo that’s been formulated for the little pooches. Of course, there are many brands, but do your research well. If there are no skin issues, you can go ahead with any known gentle shampoo. Look for something that has natural ingredients, like essential oils and oatmeal. Parabens and sulfates are common in shampoos, but do try to avoid them. You will find some good options online and there are websites, where puppy shampoos have been compared rightly for help.

What else to know?

If you are unsure of the choice, don’t buy a big bottle right away. You might also want to invest in a good conditioner, which helps in maintaining the sheen and luster of the coat. Pet owners are often enthusiastic about bathing their canines. However, do not overdo it. Dog’s skin has natural oils, which keeps the coat healthy. With frequent washing, you can strip off these oils. Also, consider professional grooming at least once every month. Groomers can also offer a tip or two on brushing and grooming.

With a little care, you and your pup can do a lot better!


Jose Nguyen

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