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“If the eyes are the windows to the human soul,

your smile represents the gorgeous front door!”

First impressions are incredibly important in this day and age as they tend to dictate many of the face-to-face interactions that we have on a daily basis. Of course, applying skincare products and maintaining a modern wardrobe is crucial in today’s hypercritical world, but protecting the splendour within your smile is equally as important. Being able to confidently showcase your pearly whites is priceless as it allows you to approach life with a newfound gusto, particularly if you’ve avoided proper dental care for some time. However, as dental care has turned into a multi-trillion dollar industry worldwide, finding the room within your budget to schedule an appointment has become increasingly difficult. However, it’s important to understand that orthodontists are your friends and that the best practitioners will bend over backwards to provide affordable and effective dental solutions.

Orthodontists versus Dentists

Both of these dental professionals specialise in assisting patients with oral health needs, but they go about their profession in different ways.

Dentistry is a wide-ranging medical spectrum that deals with teeth, gums, and oral nerves, whereas orthodontics refers to the more intricate side of oral health: correcting bites and oral occlusions and performing teeth-straightening procedures. A dentist is compared to an orthodontist in the same way that a doctor is likened to a surgeon. An orthodontist requires more education than a dentist, much as a doctor needs to return to school to receive surgical training and the applicable certifications. Dentists and orthodontists can both work on tooth decay, root canals, crowns, bridges, and teeth whitening, but only an orthodontist can perform corrections to misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and TMJ.

In order to become a registered specialist in orthodontics, dentists must complete a host of higher education. They have to complete a five-year bachelor’s degree in dentistry, a minimum of two years experience in general dentistry, and a three-year full-time master’s degree in orthodontics, and, most importantly, they must be registered as an orthodontic specialist by the Dental Board of Australia.

Orthodontists Are Quite Versatile

In effect, an orthodontist provides a host of services that you simply won’t be able to find in a traditional general dentist’s office. From minor outpatient procedures such as teeth whitening appointments and Invisalign applications to more demanding treatments such as a root canal or a cosmetic surgery, today’s orthodontic facilities feature a wide scope of services. So, whether you need a simple extraction or clear braces in Melbourne, finding a reputable orthodontist should be your first step.

Finding the Perfect Facility

Regardless of whether you need a root canal, general cleaning, or a dental implant, it’s important to create a lasting relationship with your local orthodontist beyond just the first appointment. As such, it makes sense to scour the Internet for as much information as possible. Apart from looking at client reviews and pricing lists, scheduling a few on-site visits to the best local facilities is also highly advised as it will allow you to form a subjective gut feeling about each practitioner’s office.

Put the shine back in your smile and the pep back in your step with an orthodontic appointment today!

Jose Nguyen

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