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Most service businesses have their employees wear uniforms to help customers identify them, especially if they routinely make visits to customers’ houses. Uniforms also help to brand a business, so when people see them, they automatically think of the company with which the uniforms are associated. However, certain articles of clothing, such as medical scrubs, are worn by employees as a safety precaution to protect them while on duty.

Preventing Injuries and Illnesses

Many workers in a hospital setting handle liquid chemicals, medications, bodily fluids and other substances which can spread diseases or cause injuries if they come in contact with the skin. Fortunately, medical scrubs are designed in such a way as to repel liquids. Scrubs are usually made from a cotton/polyester blended fabric which is coated so that liquids bead and roll off.

Some liquids used in the laboratory, in surgery or by nurses could burn or irritate skin if the handler was accidentally splashed with them. In addition, some bodily fluids could carry contagious diseases or harmful bacteria which could be spread to the handler if they were splashed. Fortunately, medical scrubs are made in such a way as to prevent liquids from being absorbed, so the wearer is generally safe from exposure to dangerous fluids.

Along with protecting the wearer, medical scrubs help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that nurses, lab technicians and doctors come into contact with through working with their patients. In addition to scrubs, doctors also wear lab coats over their street clothes or scrubs for further protection, as well as to identify them when treating patients. Lab coats are also coated to keep from spreading germs and absorbing liquids while on duty.

Comfortable Uniforms

Most hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities have medical personnel wear different colour scrubs depending on their position or which department they work in. This allows patients, doctors and nurses to quickly identify the department in which technicians or aides work. Another advantage to wearing scrubs as healthcare uniforms is they are comfortable.

Since doctors, nurses and technicians may work long shifts, they can be comfortable while they’re working because most scrubs are made to fit loosely. This allows employees the room they need to bend over and move around without being restricted by their clothing. Sometimes, in emergency situations, nurses, technicians or doctors may need to walk briskly or run, and that can be difficult to do when wearing tight clothing.

With scrubs being made from fabrics containing cotton, they are also breathable. This allows the personnel wearing them to remain cool and keep from sweating while they’re working. Instead of the scrubs sticking to them and absorbing sweat, the fabric allows air to circulate through it so the wearer doesn’t perspire heavily and end up wearing damp, smelly clothing.

Most medical facilities rent scrubs to prevent spreading illnesses to the public when their personnel go home. They can quickly change their clothes and put the scrubs in a hamper to be picked up and laundered later. Wearing scrubs allows medical personnel to remain healthy, comfortable and clean throughout their shifts.

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