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Its probably not the first time you made the resolution to diet and lose weight. But, oddly it is February and you are still on track this year; with this said, things won’t get easier going forward. At you can learn how to stick through the resolutions, work through the tough times, and finally attain the goal to lose and keep the weight off. Here are a few ways to keep going and stick to plan as the year moves on.

Create a time frame –
You can’t stay motivated forever. This is not only the case with weight loss, but for anything you do in life. So make your goal attainable, make it short and sweet, and make sure it is something you can stick to for the period of time you allocate to do it. By giving yourself shorter goals along the way, you are more likely to stick it through, see the success, and eventually make the permanent changes you haven’t been able to do in years past.

Avoid fads –
Grapefruit diet, detox diet, lemon water diet. You’ve probably seen celebrities succeed on them. But guess what, you are simply losing water weight. This is the case with celebs as well. So do not opt for fads, but instead try to focus on a lifestyle change. If you know you are eventually going to do this forever, you are more likely to dedicate yourself, time, and effort, to doing it right. So don’t rely on things which only work short term, instead focus on what is real.

Technology can help –
We love our iPhone, our tablets, and our devices. So why not bring these into the fitness and weight loss game as well? With tracking apps you can quickly and easily input the meals you are eating. And when you actually see it written down (how many calories is that doughnut?) you are more likely to make the healthier alternative choice instead. So try to track things, try to get motivated through online forums and fitness blogs, and try to bring technology to the forefront of the efforts you are making to shed the weight. It will not only keep you focused, but when you have something that is fun and something you look forward to doing, you are more likely going to stick to it.

Although it is tough, you can keep up with the changes you want to make when trying to lose the weight. With several great support forums, online blogs, and other resources, there are many resources available to those who are trying to lose weight, and don’t want to give up on that resolution so quickly.

No matter how much you have lost, why you have failed in the past, or what has steered you off course, this is a new year. So consider these simple tips, keep moving forward, and make sure you are doing this for you. Otherwise you are going to fall off course again, and keep getting into that vicious circle you have fallen to in years past.

Jose Nguyen

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