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In most of the cases, the aged people after getting discharged from the hospital take some time to return to normalcy. If you want your loved ones especially the senior citizens to start their normal life after returning from hospital then you might buy some medical equipment.

You can collect the details regarding the medical equipment you need from the social worker or the medical staff who attended your loved ones. They will also guide you whether the equipment or medical prescription is covered under insurance. The need depends on case to case basis.

Some of the most common equipment that are required by the senior people are:

  • Wheelchair
  • Bed similar to that of hospital
  • Walker
  • Oxygen
  • IV equipment
  • Respirator
  • Gloves
  • Shower chair

Among the above listed items some may be reused and are considered as the durables. If these durables are necessary then anyone possessing the Part B Medicare can buy easily.  Not all the durables or medical equipment is necessary to buy, some may be rented too.

There are many agencies working to serve the medical supply rental in Memphis. Depending upon your requirement and duration of usage you can rent them. You need to consider certain factors before renting the medical equipment. Compare the rental cost against upfront purchase cost. This could be calculated depending upon the duration you are going to use the equipment.

The agencies that deal with medical supplies and equipment will offer you various facilities such as:

  • Free home delivery and collection of the equipment you are going for
  • The experienced staff will make sure you are guided properly to use the equipment
  • The agencies work round the clock so that you get the fullest support during any sort of medical assistance
  • All you need to do is simply register your name with the agency and they will take care of your requirements
  • The medical supplies and equipment come with the return policy and depending upon your usage you can get them replaced

With the increasing demand in the medical equipment and supplies more and more agencies are popping up to help the needy people. You can rest assure about the warranty of the equipment if carried from the manufacturer. You will be provided with a copy of warranty certificate.

With proper planning and collaboration with a reputed agency you can help your loved ones to smoothly transit from hospital to normal life.

Jose Nguyen

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