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Learning how to give up sugar from your diet is a very valuable thing to know. Many people who suffer from a variety of addictive tendencies will tell you, perhaps surprisingly, that of all the addictions they have had to overcome, the hardest of all to overcome was sugar. So that is the scale of the problem, but do not despair! It may be that the solution and a reliable method for how to give up sugar has been found!

There has been an introduction recently of a clinically endorsed program for overcoming sugar addiction has been introduced by top cognitive hypnotherapist Trevor Silvester recently. Dedicated to developing safe and dependable healthcare products, Thinking Slimmer Ltd, a UK-based established full-service health and wellbeing company has introduced a program called Slimpod that offers enhanced personal health and wellbeing by showing a way how to give up sugar and thereby enabling people to easily and painlessly overcome their sugar habit and lose weight. This radical health enhancing program comes in the form of a downloadable app and works through subtly retraining the mind in how it thinks about food, and sugar in particular.

The World Economic Forum website recently outlined how sugar can negatively affect the human brain. According to the WEF, failure to give up sugar can cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes. it can also affect the way we learn, remember and think. So, giving up sugar should be seen as a major bonus for people’s health and wellbeing.

Slimpod is now widely recognised as a clinically proven and medically trialled healthcare program. It helps the user to reduce their intake of sugar safely and slowly, so that they end up giving up sugar for good. The program is focused on slow and steady progress. Its users have reported losing their craving for sugar and sweet foods completely.

Unlike most hypnosis programs, this program encourages users to simply listen to an audio download for 9 minutes every day for 12 weeks. The audio downloads bring together cutting edge techniques from neuroscience, psychology, behavioural science and NLP to help users think, feel and behave differently towards food.

“Put simply, the program empowers users to take back control of their wellbeing and their life,” said Sandra Roycroft-Davis, the program’s Founder and Owner. “Slimpods help users to give up sugar without feeling deprived. Its focus is place firmly on changing people’s beliefs and behaviour around food. Importantly, the process works by taking the emotion out of eating.” “If we lived in a perfect world, with perfectly balanced meals, lots of time and no stress, worry or emotional attachments to food, then giving up sugar would be easy,” said Roycroft-Davis. “But we live in an imperfect world with imperfect food – everyday life can be stressful. Sugar is a major issue because it wreaks havoc on the body’s natural weight control system. The program offers the only method currently available that enables users to control food and sugar cravings without willpower or effort.”

The more the app is used, the more its users’ confidence and self-esteem grows. Many people from all ages and backgrounds have discovered how to give up sugar with Slimpod. Many have found that one of the main benefits of listening to the program every day is that they find themselves making healthier choices generally. This paradigm shift to more positive behaviour patterns extends beyond eating to relationships, work and other areas of life.

For those in need of moral support, there is related members club (available to anyone who purchases the product), which provides users with health and wellbeing tips, constant feedback and help. Users can even get peer-to-peer encouragement that is so important when one is at the beginning of any health and wellbeing program.

Unsurprisingly, Sandra is passionate about helping anyone who signs up and buys the app. As someone who has suffered from sugar addiction herself, she understands the hurdles some people face when trying to adjust to the Slimpod program. Her weekly online chat is very popular and she is always on hand to answer any questions from users.

Thinking Slimmer founded by Sandra Roycroft-Davis in 2010 and is based in London. Sandra is trained as a cognitive hypnotherapist at the Quest Institute and practises in Harley Street, London’s centre of medical excellence. Slimpods have already been successfully used by many thousands of people in 36 countries worldwide. The Slimpod Program is the only health and wellbeing method of its kind in the world to have undergone independent clinical trials. These successful trials were conducted by a researcher at City University, London.

The Slimpod program has been tested and medically endorsed by Mr. Gideon Felton, then a consultant NHS psychiatrist at the Central Middlesex Hospital and now the Lead Clinician for CRI Spectrum Hertfordshire. In his written evaluation, Mr. Felton, a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, wrote: “I found the effects of the Slimpod to be profound and life-changing.”

The company that provides Slimpods is a national partner of the Department of Health’s Change4Life campaign for healthy living. It is also a stakeholder in the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Additionally, Sandra Roycroft-Davis is a member of an All Party Parliamentary Group relating to health and wellbeing.

The program is available as an instant digital download online via their website at or on CD. Slimpod Silver, the 30-day breakthrough program, costs £39.99 and Slimpod Gold, the 12-week ultimate transformation program, costs £137.

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