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The Anabolic steroids also have versatile uses. It improves the mass of muscles, repairs the damaged tissues, enhances to endurance along with weight loss. The Anabolic steroids also helps in increasing the arousal and sexual performance. Steroids can also increase facial and pubic hair and also deepens the voice. It also improves drive and helps to stay more focussed. Anabolic steroids that are used in meek can repair the swelling of organs too. These are the substantiated results that mesmerize anyone.

Anabolic steroids – The results and effects

As every coin has two sides, the Anabolic steroids have both positive and most likely the negative effects on human body. As the production of Anabolic steroids are skyrocketing these days, the steroids have become so handy that the Anabolic steroids are even available to the students in the college premises itself. When the players are caught under doping tests their career ends on a tragic note as severe laws are against doping and there are less chances to throw back to the drawing board too. As every cloud has a silver lining one should patiently wait for their turn to be in the limelight with constant efforts and perseverance. The common side effects with over dose of Anabolic steroids are the severe acne that tends to lack of interest on the work to be accomplished, skin losses out its original charisma and turns out to be very oily, the hair gets damage with hair loss. The over dose of Anabolic steroids also develops liver tumours and cysts and gradually becomes feeble. There is a major chance in malfunctioning of kidneys too and a possibility of heart attacks and strokes at a stake. The over dose of steroids keeps the persons away from their conventional style of living and when addicted to the steroids keeping them at bay is a hard nut to crack.

There are also some vicious and fussy effects with Anabolic steroids. When Anabolic steroids are over dosed they show impact on mood swings as it can alter mood very easily thus becomes obnoxious for no reasons, the person turns out to be moody sometimes resulting in male pattern baldness, irritability coupled with increased aggression develops. There are more chances to encounter with depression and also suicidal tendencies. The laws against the production of the Anabolic steroids are to be tightened as the steroid intake has become as easy as a cake walk. Perseverance and Rational thinking development must be a part of the coaching as it facilitates the players not to adopt the illegal ways to win the games. This is the time to be proactive in bringing out the awareness among the people by the consortiums and volunteers along with the print and social media about the harmful effects of steroids as the situations are going to be very devastating no soon. Abolishing the steroids completely is difficult to achieve but confinement of Anabolic steroids can be done with proper propaganda. It’s apparent to sweat about this grave issue.

Thus Anabolic steroids have more holes than a Swiss cheese and it’s left to one’s conscience to pop it or not.

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