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Steroids are a synthetic derivative of testosterone, “the male- hormone” which is used to increase the tissue formation by synthesizing more protein. The use leads to increase of muscle formation in the body. In spite of these advantages, they have got a bad name for being misused by most athletes.

Uses of steroids

Steroids drugs have been orally used to by the athletes and body builders to increase their muscle mass in their body. It is used as a shortcut to make that perfectly bulky body without the effort of exercises. The use of these help in the increasing the red blood cell counts in the body which gives the athletes an advantage over its competition. It is seen lately that the athletes are being discouraged to continue the use of steroids. In the bid to negate the use of these steroids or other growth supplements, athletes who have been tested positive have been prevented from entering competitions or if found later had titles and medals revoked.

Steroid at times is also used medically for the treatment of cancer or HIV. In such cases, the patients are prescribed these medicine to increase the lean muscle mass which decreases due to the treatment.

Oral steroids

The steroids can be taken in the form of injections or orally in the form of capsules. The athletes often prefer the oral consumption of capsules rather than the messy, pinpricks of the injections.  There are various types of the oral steroids like Dianabol, Anadrol, Winstrol, Equipoise, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, Predisnone to name a few.  You can get most oral steroids here via online sites which make these drugs accessible in spite of ban in some countries.

Law and steroids

The abuse of these steroids made them hard to get but more in demand by people.  To discourage the use of these medicines many laws have been passed.  In the USA, steroids have been classified as a Schedule III Substance which can be used for medical purposes but can lead to physical dependence on the drug.

The possession or use of these kinds of drugs is a very bad news. Many people have been monetarily charged or even given a sentence in prison for possession of these drugs.  People convicted of selling steroids can be given a sentence from three to five years of imprisonment.

The only people exempted from this rule are patients suffering from Anemia (blood deficiency disorder), osteoporosis (degradation of bones) or people having abnormally less growth. In such cases, the use of steroids gives patients a new lease of life. In spite of all these warnings athletes are aware of many ways to overcome this problem and do use it without getting caught in the act.

The popular use of drugs leads to the increasing demand in the sports community for these products. In most cases, the purchase of these drugs requires a prescription. The difficulty to get most oral steroids here on the various online sites helps in solving the problem. The use of these drugs should be done carefully.

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