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At times when you are forced to face a life-changing situation, you tend to think that it is not real that somehow, you can still wake up and be back to your normal life. There are times, especially when the person confronted with such ordeal is weak, he ends up feeling depressed and will resort to self-pity.

This is what most Hashimoto patients endure. But do you know that there is a way for you to be on the bright side even if you have this incurable disease?

That is right, this thyroid disorder is not curable. There might be ways to alleviate the symptoms, but this cannot cure the disease itself.

As mentioned, there is a way to confront this disease in a more comfortable manner. What I am referring to is the thyroid secret. This is like a documentation video authored by Dr. Wentz who is a thyroid expert.

Dr.  Wentz is also suffering from a thyroid disorder and her situation is what prompted her to do this video. Here you will not only get ample information about your situation but at that same time, this can also be your source of support. You will hear other people’s journeys and how they fare while challenged by this disease.

Jose Nguyen

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