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As we move towards a more advanced age, the competition levels in all fields of life is increasing. Along with this competition come longer work hours, pressure of doing better and desire to earn more. In this fast pace life, one tends to forget the importance of health care and eventually does get stressed out. This is where the role of dietary supplements comes into the picture as it offers fast solutions to the people. It offers a more diverse combination of vitamins and minerals that a person can take in the form of pills, powder, food or water.

The Siberian health company is one such producer of health products that offers dietary supplements that help boost the body and provides it with nutrition and necessary minerals. Most of the dietary supplements are safe to eat and don’t cause any harm if consumed in the recommended quantities. One of the top notch products launched by the Siberian Health Company is Adaptovit. Adaptovit products consist of a highly concentrated blend of the most powerful adaptogenic plants from Siberian forests. They come in bottles of 10ml and help to fight stress, support immunity and provide extra energy and stamina.

The ingredients used in this product is a  proprietary herbal blend (Siberian ginseng aqueous extract, Siberian rhodiola aqueous extract, Siberian schizandra aqueous extract, Siberian leuzea aqueous extract, Siberian aralia aqueous extract ). Adaptovit help to normalize bodily functions and increase quality of life by changing the environment or by increasing one’s ability to effectively adapt.

Adapting to the environment is required of the modern day man. Travelling for work or for meetings across the globe is more of the norm these days and can lead to a jetlag and the different weather and environmental conditions can cause a person to fall sick as the human body takes time to adapt to this kind of change. Adaptovit helps with these functions and helps the human body to adapt faster as it acts as a booster.

The adaptogens which are present in some Siberian plants have different ways of positively affecting the human body as per the research conducted by the Siberian Health Company. Extracts of maral root, ginseng and eleuthero help to overcome fatigue, promote recovery from serious stress and support well-being. It is recommended to use Adaptovit once in the morning. The dosage is to spray the formula five times under the tongue, hold and then swallowing.

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