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1.      Misunderstand protein and fiber

I used to make this mistake and various people are still misunderstanding protein and fiber with fat as well. They are three different sources that bring you distinct nutrients. However, many people don’t try to discover that before building their weight loss plan. So, they think that protein and fiber are all harmful fat and try to cut down on them as much as possible.

That’s a deathly mistake. We can eliminate harmful fat from our body to lose weight but cannot omit protein and fiber. In fact, protein is a natural otc appetite suppressant and main component in the development of our muscles. And fiber, which is also called carbohydrate, plays an important role in boosting our digestive system and slowing down the process of sugar metabolism. As a result, taking in much protein and fiber can help us lose weight better.

Therefore, don’t omit them out of your meals.

2.      Every diet pill is the Best Fat Burner On The Market

Not all diet pills in the market are good and appropriate for your health condition. Whatever type of supplements you want to use, it is recommended to ask for your doctor’s or coach’s advice first. He will help you understand how much weight you should lose, whether the components in the pills are suitable for you, or what type of supplements fit your goals best. Don’t take some of them for a trial. Health risks are hidden inside without your noticing.

You can read more about diet pills that work to find the best fat burner.

3.      Building unrealistic goals

Unrealistic goals are the things that you can never or cannot achieve within the period that you set. For example, you can only lose about 20 pounds per month but you set your goal up to 150 pounds. That is unrealistic.

A lot of people, particularly women, are still doing that every day. In a study of a researcher from University of Pennsylvania several years ago, he discovered that most obese women want to lose over 30 percent of their weight, which exceeded the necessary amount for them to maintain their health. Also, women who set such goals were much likely to drop out and often feel unsatisfied with themselves than others who had lower expectations.

Therefore, find out how much weight that you can and should lose before getting started. You will see how useful a realistic goal is.

4.      Not taking exercises or too much exercise

Exercising is one of the best methods to boost your metabolism, gain lean muscles, and prevent cardiovascular as well as digestive diseases. Combining a healthy diet with regular exercises is an excellent way to reduce weight and health risks.

Nevertheless, too much exercise can cause troubles. Forcing yourself to lose weight by taking a massive number of exercises every day can inhibit some hormone production, which is considered wonderful for controlling stress. And if that situation continues for a long time, you may not have enough strength to keep dieting anymore due to exhaustion.

So, try to have reasonable exercises. It is not necessary to practice every day. Lifting weights a few times a week will be just fine.

Jose Nguyen

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