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Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Feb 10, 2017

To some people addiction is just a pit stop on this road we call life. Others will spend countless years battling the disease. Whether you are starting your journey to overall wellness or exploring alcohol rehabilitation programs for loved ones, you are on the right path. Treating alcoholism or other addictions can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. Understanding addiction and how it impacts your life will be your first step to recovery.

Addiction statistics indicate that alcohol abuse, or drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, accounts for upwards of 2.5 million fatalities a year. Alcoholism is also perceived by medical professionals to cause diseases, more than 200 to be exact. Around the world, nearly 35 countries have implemented formal alcohol legislature (laws) to reduce the harmfulness of alcohol.

Before exploring more options for alcohol rehabilitation programs it’s important to understand the steps process. Alcoholism is a disease and just like any other disease, there are steps a patient has to take to combat the disease efficiently. That said, it’s important that you develop a fresh outlook in your fight with addiction. Whether this is your first stop on the addiction train or it’s been life-long fued, you have to develop a mentality that you are in the driver seat. Once you start to understand that you have control over your life, you’d be amazed at the difference this will make in your battle with addiction.

Staying sober is often the hardest part off the bat, when it comes to battling addiction. Many people don’t realize that addiction starts in the brain. After you take ownership of your role in the disease or addiction, there are three major factors you will have to consider to adopt in order to stay alcohol or drug free, and start your body’s sacred journey to overall health and wellness.

  1. Alcohol or drug detox will be the first step in your treatment. Detox is just as it sounds, removing the toxins of drugs and alcohol from your body.  Detox is shorthand of detoxification. It’s the initial process of drug and alcohol treatments.
  2. Rehab or rehabilitation is the next step. Rehabilitation can be a combination of therapy and medicine and can be implemented in either both an inpatient and outpatient setting. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs vary by location.
  3. Staying sober or maintaining your sobriety is the glue that holds your sobriety and overall wellness together. There are many helpful outlets to maintain sobriety including supportive meetings with addiction recovery specialists. It is also important that you maintain a support system of friends and family. Your environment will also play a huge role in your recovery process.


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