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All about Brain Fog

Jan 29, 2017

What is brain fog? This might be the first time that you heard about this as this is not really an accepted medical term. However, this has been used a number of times when one will describe the feeling of vagueness, confusion, lack of focus and mental clarity. It is actually like your mind is clouded, thus the term “fog”. This occurrence is quite common though but this does not mean that this is normal as this is still an abnormality. Why does brain fog happens to a person like what triggers this occurrence? Does it just happen out of the blue?

Of course when it comes to abnormalities, there are always reasons and that includes brain fog. The most common of this are:

  1. You did not eat the right food – yes, this is the usual culprit. In other words, you are eating the wrong kinds of foods.
  • Too much or too low on sugar
  • Low-fat diets
  • Food allergies
  • Wheat brain
  • Food additives
  • Dehydration
  • Caffeine withdrawal

There is only one solution when this is the reason for your brain fog. You eat the right kinds of foods. You can also find out more about the vitamins for brain fog as they can also help in preventing this to happen to you.

  1. Lack of nutrients – there are times when you think you are already eating healthy but wonder why you still experience brain fog. This is because your brain needs all the nutrients it can get to operate smoothly. And when that will be deprived, this can generate brain fog at times. Here are some of the deficiencies that can lead up to brain fog:
  • Vitamin B12 – animal products
  • Vitamin D – sun exposure
  • Omega-3 – fatty fish such as sardines and salmon

What you can do when this is the reason for your brain fog is to take multivitamins.

  1. Stress – this should be on top of the list actually as when you are too stressed, you can’t really think clearly. Some of the best solutions for this are:
  • Meditation
  • Mind, body relaxation techniques
  1. Physical inactivity – when you are always idle, there is a good chance your body will lack endorphins which will be increased through physical workouts. It is even said that working out every day is the best thing you can do for your mind and body to stay healthy.
  2. Toxins in your environment – the world is full of toxins and if your place is not that clean, there are also chances that there are already a good amount of toxins lurking in its corners. The best way to deal with this is to maintain cleanliness in your place.

Indeed brain fog can happen to anyone. However, knowing the cause of this abnormality should be able to help you find solutions. It is just a good thing that there are vitamins you can take so that this can be addressed and maybe, prevented at the same time.

Author bio:

David claims that brain fog can be prevented with the right vitamins. He believes that one should take care of his health by taking the right types vitamins.

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How to End Up With a Capable and Competent Dentist

Jan 28, 2017

Even if you can’t feel any problem yet when it comes to your teeth, but it is important that you will always or you will regularly visit a dentist. This is not only for yourself but for your kids as well. As they say, prevention is a better cure and this is the best thing you can do to your own teeth and to your kids’. There are already so many dentists around and in fact, for sure there are a number of them in your area. You just have to look around.

One thing you must keep in mind though, one must not just choose a dentist because of one aspect, such as the location or the price or maybe because he is a friend. Note that we are talking about one of the most important part of your body, your teeth. This is why, you should do well when looking for a dentist to try. What are the factors you should consider?

One that submits insurances

A dentist that is fully covered is always comforting to be with. You will have peace of mind since you know that if something will go wrong, you will not be neglected. Dentists, no matter how pro they are, are still humans. They can still commit mistakes thus considering the insurance when searching for a dentist is always a good idea.

Clinic must have the latest equipment

Even if you are with the best dentist in town but his equipment are old school, there is still a good chance he will not be that effective. It could also be that his offered services are just minimal because of the lack of tools. Yes, it is really important to be with a dentist with the latest set of equipment.

Clinic must be squeaky clean

As this concerns your health as well, it is important that the dental clinic you will often visit is perfectly clean. You can give the clinics of your prospects a visit. This way, you can see for yourself how they are. Usually, if the office is clean, then it means that the dentists don’t tolerate dirt and also practice hygiene in his tools or equipment.

Your teeth are one of the most precious parts of your body. They should be well taken care of and a competent dentist can help you do that!

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Med Spa Jacksonville Fl – Home To Transformative Age-Defying Treatments

Jan 28, 2017

(And Learn About The History Of Anti-Aging)

Aging is a fact of life. It is the one inevitability that we cannot escape, no matter how rich, powerful, or successful we become. Not even the resilient tardigrade, the most durable animal on earth, has found a solution to aging. However, that hasn’t stopped us from trying. To a degree, it may even be possible! Possible at Thin MD med spa Jacksonville FL, that is!

As long as humans have been around, we have engaged in a relentless quest to conquer aging. In fact, there may be no more universal quests in all the world. Countless peoples, across the globe, throughout history, and through a wide range of cultures have dedicated their lives to defeating the inexorable grip age.

In the Baroque Period, renowned scientist (or as they were called at the time, ‘natural philosopher’) Robert Hooke, one of the pioneers of cell theory, believed that if one consumed mercury, one could extend their natural lifespan. Such theories were not uncommon at the time.

Isaac Newton, one of the most well-known and successful scientist ever was actually rumored to be a practitioner of alchemy! Now, this is not your daddy’s alchemy. In that era, alchemists were obsessed with trying to discover something they called the Philosopher’s Stone, which they believed had the power to turn lead into gold. Oh, they also thought it could grant them everlasting life.

Have we mentioned the Spanish Conquistadors who rampaged through the New World hunting for the Fountain of Youth? We could also tell you about modern attempts to defy aging. The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is one such example. This organization located in Scottsdale Arizona believes that they can use ultra-cold temperatures to preserve a human life for hundreds (thousands?!) of years!

Of course, all of these ideas are very… farfetched, one might say. Let’s spend some time talking about the practical. The attainable. Let’s talk about Thin MD Med Spa, the premier med spa Jacksonville FL.

How can you battle the effects of age, practically, at a med spa?

Through the latest in cutting-edge medical quality anti-aging treatments, that’s how! At Thin MD med spa Jackonsvile FL, Dr. Anthony Capasso M.D., a highly qualified doctor with nearly 20-years of experience practicing medicine, had creating a range of services – everything from the patented Venus Freeze to ICON Aesthetic Laser treatments – which is proven to take years off of your appearance.

The age-defying therapies found at Thin MD med spa Jacksonville FL provide you with real options for treating the primary signs of aging such as blemish and wrinkles. These therapies have been researched and proven to work. Botox injections, have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to banish wrinkles from your face. Facial rejuvenation can life away years of dullness and wear which have accumulated on your complexion, leaving your face looking vibrant, radiant, and fresh!

If that sounds good, begin planning your first visit to a med spa Jacksonville FL, today!

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Is Spine Manipulation Right for You?

Jan 27, 2017

Spine manipulation has been effective in treating a range of health problems. Based upon a combination of ancient Asian conventional treatments and western medical science, spinal manipulation has been used as part of preventative or rehabilitative problems across the world.

How it Works

There are a lot of techniques used in spinal manipulation including less sudden movements that stretch and gently manipulate muscles, ligaments and joints. Beach chiropractic is used for treating back pain, chronic migraines, headaches, shoulder pain and neck pain.

Benefits of Spinal Manipulation

  • Avoiding surgery- Spinal manipulation is non-invasive, thus can prevent a person from undergoing surgery.
  • Improved range of motion- The technique increases flexibility, therefore, increasing the range of motion of a patient.
  • Reduced drug dependence- This treatment doesn’t include the use of pharmaceuticals for managing pain.

Is It Right for You?

Spinal manipulation comes with some risks but they are minimal. A number of studies indicate that some spinal manipulation technique may cause stroke and others claim there is a slight risk of injury to the spine. These are very rare issues; however, you need to always consult with your physician before you undergo any form of treatment and inform your Jacksonville FL chiropractor of any pre-existing conditions.

Long-Term Results

  • Just like the majority of therapies, long-term treatment success of spinal manipulation will depend greatly on the cause of the back pain. Factors which predict relief of back pain include.
  • Acute back pain-Acute back pain caused by a one-time even or action like wrong way to lift a heavy object can be relieved easily.


  • Patient Involvement- Even following spinal manipulation therapy sessions, patient can continuously benefit from the effects by performing activities which strengthen their abdominal and back pain muscles. When a patient did something to hurt his back, was sedentary and goes back to this lifestyle after helping him resolve it, he may have back pain.
  • Ongoing treatment- Those with chronic pain should commit to ongoing pain therapy to gain and maintain relief.

In case you have a heart condition, osteoporosis, serious spinal injuries or some forms of cancer, spinal manipulation may not be ideal for you. In these cases, alternative techniques that do not include using manual force can be your better options.

Whether you have a pre-existing condition or not, make sure that your chosen chiropractor is a qualified one. Physiotherapists who are members of manipulative physiotherapy associations may have earned a good reputation in the industry.

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6 Reasons to Use a Leg Massager

Jan 23, 2017

After a tough day at work, nothing can be more comfortable and relaxing than a foot massage. Relax your tired legs by stepping into a leg massager that can be extremely beneficial for stabilizing the complete nervous system along with comforting the exhausted legs. Moreover, by using the leg massagers, people suffering from excruciating leg and knee pain are enjoying the positive results.

In the marketplaces, you can be exposed to various foot massagers with different shapes, sizes, designs, and functions. You’ll have to research on the types of leg massagers available and which one is going to help you most per your requirements. While researching, you’ll get the opportunity to know the innumerable health benefits that the massagers offer.

Here, we are about to mention some of the significant reasons that you must know about using the leg massagers—

Enhance Blood Circulation

A leg massage session or 10 to 20 minutes can bring incredible comfort if you’ve leg pain. The massagers are engineered with the efficiency of improving the blood circulation which is an excellent way to getting an instant remission from severe pain. It is similar to that of visiting a massage parlor for obtaining the deep tissue or shiatsu massage to get rid of the leg pain.

Relief from ankle or leg injury

If you’ve been suffering from an ankle or leg injury in the muscle or the ligament, by using the leg massager things can be sorted. You can get instant relief by sitting and putting your feet inside the comfortable leg massager for at least 10 minutes per day.

Control blood pressure

Another major reason for using the leg massager is its capacity of controlling the blood pressure level. It is excellent to balance the high or low blood pressure with its Midas touch massage. It is not only that the aged people are highly helped with this technology the youths suffering from high-blood pressure and cholesterol problems are highly benefited by the massager.

Stress Killer

Nothing can be more comfortable than sitting on a massage chair or stepping inside a leg massager for half an hour after working for several hours. If you’re looking forward to getting instant stress busting remedy then using the leg massager is a one-stop solution.

Get rid of a headache

By adopting a leg massager care, the headache or migraine problem of yours can be reduced up to 65%. It is the reflexology that contributes to control the headache issue of the leg massager users. If you think that the headache is caused by the stress, then using the massager daily can be excellent to control the terrible pain.

Great for women

Pregnant women use the leg massager to relax their tired legs and naturally the back and while body get relaxed. Women in their menopause are also helped by the massager by killing fatigue, stress, headache, anxiety and above all insomnia.

These are some of the significant reasons for using the leg massagers and you’ll be immensely benefited with this high-end technology.

Author’s Bio

Chenky is a dedicated writer in various massage therapies. Along with running his business successfully for the past few years, he has successfully developed a reader’s base that is always looking forward to his latest health article.

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Restore Your Confidence: Let Centre Dentaire St-Onge Whiten Your Teeth

Jan 23, 2017

Centre Dentaire St-Onge might just be one of the pools of dental clinics out there but once you experienced their awesome service that’s when you realized that they are not just your ordinary dental clinic after all. That is right as with their awesome services in which the most distinct is their goal to restore the impressive smiles of their clients. They know by heart that a smile can float a thousand ships, as they say and this is why, they will try their best, by engaging the most advanced technologies, to restore the hidden smiles of their clients.

Yes, you can be one of them! To know more about their awesome services, you can check for their online link here For starters though, you can check below how they will restore your confidence and smile without inhibitions.


Do you know what implantology is? This is a procedure where instead of dentures or bridges, you will have a chance of getting your missing teeth so that you will feel like you never lose them. Yes, implantology is a process where a fabricated tooth will be made to fuse to the bones of the jaw. In time, they will feel like real teeth as they are really inserted right to the spot where the missing teeth used to be. There are also instances when bone grafts will be required.

Benefits of implants

This procedure comes with a handful of benefits. One of the most noticeable benefits is comfort. Comfort in the sense that you don’t need to take them off every time you will brush your teeth, you can eat comfortably and speak comfortably. Another benefit is your appearance. Without dentures or bridges and implants, your face will look gaunt as the part where the teeth left will start to narrow that can make you look old.


This is another service that you enjoy from Centre Dentaire St-Onge and this will also contribute a lot in generating that perfect smile. Though most of the time, you will hear cosmetic surgery, but if your teeth are discoloured, that surgery will be useless. You will still not accomplish what you want. With the whitening method of Centre Dentaire St-Onge, you will sure to have pearly white teeth.

Centre Dentaire St-Onge can be your ally indeed in generating that perfect smile and in restoring your self confidence!

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Using Deca-Durabolin For Bodybuilding – Things To Know!

Jan 20, 2017

As a fitness enthusiast, you probably want more from your workout routine than just basic muscle gain. It’s a known truth that bodybuilders rely on steroids for significant results. If you are looking for options, Deca-Durabolin can be your choice. Deca-Durabolin is mainly used for gaining muscles in a slow way, as it is a longer acting compound. Because of its effects, Deca-Durabolin is considered one of the best steroids for stable muscle gain. Here are some of the other things you need to know.

Know the basics of Deca-Durabolin cycles

Ideally, one should never attempt rapid weight gain, regardless of whether the gain is from fat or muscles. Deca-Durabolin cycles are known to be healthier, because the weight gain is slower and allows the body to adjust to the increase in muscle mass. On the contrary, steroids like Anadrol-50 might offer dramatic results, and yet, the added muscle mass doesn’t last long after the end of the cycle. Despite being a strong steroid, Deca-Durabolin doesn’t have such kind of effect on the muscles. To stimulate mass gain, it is often stacked with other compounds. Usually, Deca is used with Testosterone/Nandrolone/Dianabol, which are known to be the best for all kinds of users.

Dosage and other things   

The recommended dosage for men is anywhere between 300mg and 600mg a week. Deca is known to work optimimally when one takes around 2 mg per pound, per week.  It is also one of the few steroids that offer great results in women. Females, however, take a much lower dose, not exceeding around 50 mg per week. Some women can experience virilization symptoms, although rare. If you are a woman with such concerns, you can choose to take nandrolone Durabolin, which is a much safer option and is a shorter acting steroid. You can find the legal supplement version of Deca online many sites, which is the simplest way of getting access to the drug.

Men taking Deca-Durabolin should be more concerned about their testosterone levels. Experienced bodybuilders usually take an ancillary drug, such as Clomid or Nolvadex, at the end of the Deca cycle to reduce such concerns. These drugs help in stimulating the production of testosterone, although it may take around two weeks to see results. HCG injections are also recommended as a precautionary measure. If you are new to steroids, always start with a smaller dose to understand the effects better.


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Why The Internet Is The Best Way To Find A Dentist In Your Area

Jan 20, 2017

Dental issues have been in existence since forever, it’s that now there are enough methods to get rid of them. From a casual dental checkup to doing oral surgery, it doesn’t take more than a few hours; something that looked impossible in the past. So, if you’re looking forward to treating your dental issues, then make sure you meet with a skilled dentist and ask him to help you out. If you already don’t know a dentist, use various methods to find the best dentist in your area. Some of the most common ways of searching for a dentist in your area are – taking referrals from known and trustworthy people, using the local newspapers, and using the internet. Regardless of what people think, the best method to find a good dentist among these is using the internet. Here is why you should use the internet to find dentist office in Oxon Hill MD

A Lot More Convenient Than Any Other Method

Imagine a scenario in which you want to find a good dentist in your area, but have no relative or friend to guide you through the process. Then you ask the question in any random way to Google and type your query in the search box. As soon as you type, Google gives you a personalised list of all the dentists in your area along with their contact numbers, website (if any) and social media pages. Isn’t it the most convenient way of finding anything? Ask yourself and you’ll get the answer instantly. This is probably the fastest way through which you can find anything in any part of the world.

You Can Search From Your Home

Even if you take the help of your friends, family members and newspapers, you’ll have to go out of your house due to one reason or another, but in this case, you can be in your kitchen, bedroom or washroom for that matter, and still manage to search the best dentist office on Oxon Hill Rd without any hassle. The process doesn’t take more than a few moments and will definitely get you the best results in the easiest possible manner.

Cross Check The Authenticity

When searching on the internet, you can check whether a dentist is as good as he claims or not. All you have to do is check the reviews written by those who have taken his services in the past. The easiest way to cross check one’s authenticity.

So, keep these points in mind and use the internet to search for a good dentist in your area right away.


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Important Things to Consider When Going For a Spa Experience

Jan 19, 2017

Spa is a wonderful therapy that eliminates pain, tension and stiffness in the muscles that accumulate in the body. There are a few things that you should remember when going for a spa treatment. Diligently following these tips would help you make the most out of your spa experience.

Before taking spa treatment

You should be very careful when choosing a spa center. Always go for the branded and the reputed one. Le spa nordique Sherbrooke is the most popular spa center that guarantees their client of the best quality of the ingredients, procedure and equipment that are being used in accomplishing the treatment. Also, branded spa assures the best comforts and results from the spa experience.

Always tell the spa professional about any ongoing medical condition such as skin allergies etc., medication before the start of the treatment. This will help the professionals to design the treatment that suits your requirements.

Read the spa manual thoroughly. This will give you knowledge about the spa etiquette, policy, treatment description, charges, initial deposit, spa packages, type of clothes, etc. Once you select the spa, you should book your appointment with them. Call them in advance to confirm it.

Do not hire those spas that require you to make an upfront payment. Also, avoid those spas that charge you a non-refundable fee. This can be charged for their insurance coverage.

During the treatment

Once you get started with the treatment, feel free to speak to the technician whenever you feel discomfort or self-conscious. Based on your feedback, they may stop the treatment and take necessary measures like adjustment of the pressure, etc. to make you comfortable.

If you are a healthy woman and the robe they have provided to you are feeling tight, then don’t hesitate. You should request them for a large sized robe. This is because comfort is very important during the whole treatment procedure.

Do not talk or laugh loudly when the treatment is going on. Don’t use the cell phones, as this can distract the technicians.

After the spa treatment

Once your spa treatment is over, you need to follow all the necessary instructions as told by the technician regarding skin care. You can even leave a feedback to them about your experience at their clinic.

Learning about these tips will help you get the most enriching, pleasurable and delightful spa experience.

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Different Types Of Oral Surgery

Jan 16, 2017

A lot of people may cringe when they will hear the word oral surgery thinking that it is something severe just because of the word surgery. However, you should be surprised that there are a number of oral surgeries that actually cannot be assumed as surgery in the first place like they are just named as such. So what really is oral surgery? The word oral means mouth thus any surgery or procedure for that matter that will be performed in any part of your mouth will be considered as oral surgery and should be performed by an oral surgeon just like the oral surgeon in Washington DC.

Yes, it is not as complicated as what most people think that they have to stay in a hospital for a day or two and they will be injected with general anaesthesia and so on. In fact, as what is mentioned above, there are oral procedures that will just let you go home right after the entire process is done. Now, check out some of the different types of oral surgeries.

  1. Tooth extractions

Yes, this is one of the most common oral surgeries and the quickest as well. Most of the time, you will need this procedure includes:

  • Wisdom teeth that are partially impacted or erupted
  • Defected teeth that cannot be repaired anymore
  • A primary tooth that failed to fall out on its own
  1. Corrective jaw surgery

The usual reasons for this kind of surgery include:

  • Dysfunction that is caused by trauma or deformation
  • Either major or minor trauma to the jaw
  • Incorrect bite
  • Too much clinching or grinding of the teeth that can result to severe tooth wear

  1. Dental implants

Instead of dentures, this is now the preferred solution as replacement for tooth loss. The reason is quite obvious as in time, it will be like you are just having your original tooth. There are already a number of providers for this and one of them is the Washington DC dental implants. You should check them out.

There are still a number of procedures that are considered as part of oral surgeries. The bottom line here is, oral surgeries are not as complicated and as severe as what most people think. Most of the time, they are just done in a dental clinic where they can just get home right after the entire process is done.


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